竞博电竞官方网址的顾问具有丰富的设计知识和经验, 部署和集成IT应用程序. We offer IT Talent and Subject Matter Experts for complete Software 发展 Life Cycle, 由IT架构师提供, 技术主管, IT项目经理, 应用程序开发人员, 业务系统分析师, QA /测试仪等. 竞博电竞官方网址利用了20年的IT经验, 功能, 可扩展性和多种技能集,以有效地提供竞博电竞官方网址的服务. 竞博电竞入口专注于技术, client delivery and recruiting 功能 to deliver a suite of highly specialized services and solutions.

These distinct practices support our clients in the fulfillment of a wide range of discrete, 关键项目和持续的业务需求. 通过世界级技术人才的智能解决方案, 标准化的交付框架和经过验证的服务方法, 竞博电竞入口 consistently deliver successful outcomes and demonstrable value for our clients.


The market for highly skilled IT professionals is competitive and it isn't getting any easier. With over 1 million candidates and 200+ skill sets in our in-house database, we are able to match required skills and connect you with top IT talent to your open positions faster.

Our IT staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in each domain/ industry and in your local job market to help you find the right IT professionals at all levels and in every business domain, 你是否只需要几天, 几个月后, 或者长期来看. Organizations need scalability depending on their workflow and special projects on sudden demands, 竞博电竞官方网址使您能够最大化您的资源和利用机会.


Today, every organization is driven by IT and is heavily reliant on IT related functions. Hence the need for IT 服务 firm that can act as a one-stop shop for all.

竞博电竞入口 specializes in both long and short term needs in providing IT Consultancy. 除了人员配备, 竞博电竞入口 provides recruitment solutions to clients that need more than just supplying candidates for openings.

Our solutions division specialists are working with the customer to find the best solutions that meets their needs. The two main areas of focus are RPO − Recruitment Process Outsourcing and MSP − Managed Service Provider.


USg helps you avoid the process of searching for candidates and posting job openings and laboring through the lengthy selection process. Our IT staff augmentation services allows you to sidestep those time and cost consuming tasks and place top IT and Tech professionals in the positions you need to fill – saving you time and money, while putting you in the best position to take on new business opportunities. We only submit qualified candidates who match the skill sets you require. We conduct a thorough pre-screening process and provide training materials for all candidates so they come to you with experience and knowledge, 这有助于降低你的业务培训成本.


在印度拥有高效的网络, 美国和加拿大, we can leverage our global resources to get a better understanding of hiring and industry trends and tap into talent pools wherever you do business.

  • 缩短招聘时间
  • 降低获得人才的成本
  • 管理突然需求


Finding qualified talent to fill your permanent positions can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Stratosphere makes it simple and efficient by way of established recruitment team of 260 technical recruiters and an in-house resume database of 300,000 +技能的候选人. Today, every organization is driven by IT and is heavily reliant on IT related functions. Hence the need for IT 服务 firm that can act as a one-stop shop for all. Stratosphere专门提供全职资源安置服务, 以下范围,但不限于:

  • 应用程序架构师
  • 系统分析师
  • 应用程序开发人员
  • 程序员分析师
  • 应用程序设计师
  • 程序员
  • 业务分析师
  • 生产支持

基础设施 & 安全管理

  • 基础设施架构师
  • 基础设施项目经理
  • 服务器管理员/部署/维护
  • 网络管理员
  • 网络支持顾问
  • 桌面/帮助台支持顾问


  • 项目经理
  • 项目经理
  • 项目协调员
  • PMO顾问
  • Technical/Scientific/Clinical/Administrative/ 基础设施项目经理


  • 数据库架构师
  • 数据库系统/应用程序管理员
  • 数据库分析师
  • 数据库应用/系统支持顾问


竞博电竞入口 provides training on the latest technologies and areas in the IT field. We have trained all levels of professionals from new college grads to senior consultants. 如果你正在寻找一份职业转换,那就到竞博电竞入口吧.

We are one of the few companies in Ohio that provides classroom training. The strength of the class used to be small for special attention, sometimes it would be one-on-one.

The concept of 竞博电竞入口—s class room training is to develop and help our consultants on, Competency-based quality program Up to date with latest technology Focusing Career development 培训 on Interpersonal Skills Resume writing Interview Tips Personality 发展 Our IT consultants possess a wide range of expertise - application developers, 数据库专家, 软件工程师, 项目经理, 企业软件实施专家.

We encourage them to constantly update and improve their technical skills.


A primary purpose for testing is to detect software failures so that defects may be uncovered and corrected.

这是一项非同小可的追求. Testing cannot establish that a product functions properly under all conditions but can only establish that it does not function properly under specific conditions.

The scope of software testing often includes examination of code as well as execution of that code in various environments and conditions as well as examining the aspects of code: does it do what it is supposed to do and do what it needs to do. Software testing may be viewed as an important part of the software quality assurance (SQA) process.

在SQA, software process specialists and auditors take a broader view on software and its development. They examine and change the software engineering process itself to reduce the amount of faults.

竞博电竞入口提供的服务, Manual testing and Automated testing Performance Testi Performance Testing Product Management Bug fixing Risk Management Content Management Release Management 质量保证 Documentation


竞博电竞官方网址是ERP系统开发的先锋. We offer an organized team of professionals capable to define and engineer workflow to produce quality deliverables, 定制软件开发, 端到端的产品, 模块和组件.

软件再工程, 软件测试, 定制, 维护和支持是竞博电竞官方网址的专业领域. 竞博电竞官方网址还提供数据仓库服务, 面向对象编程, 数据库及系统管理, 系统集成, 业务分析, SAP功能和技术, 大型机编程和管理.

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